Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Transcribing Errors on Drouin Collection at

Cooperation between the French-language University of Montreal and was called a “significant accomplishment” by U of M senior researcher Bertrand Desjardins. However, outsourced the indexing of the Drouin collection to China and the results are as you might expect. The Chinese workers, it seems, have made numerous errors in transcribing the baptism, marriage and burial records.

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rlemaire said...

Ii have found many "errors" which are merely lack of knowledge and carelessness by the chinese transcribers. Went short of insane searching for my Edmond Vincelette to no avail. I fouhnd the transcriber had interpreted Edmond as Edouard. anyone with Claire Fontaine should approach with care. PRDH finally sorted it out for me. Her parents were etienne Fontaine and M-Marthe Dagneau. she married Jean--Baptiste Steben.