Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Genealogy TV Show this Fall

I first heard about this via my RSS feed from Dick Eastman's BLOG (on my iGoogle homepage).

The article from the Bradenton Herald (Florida) explains a new genealogy show produced by Brigham Young University through a new initiative, The Generation Project. It sounds like our "Ancestors in the Attic" but with a U.S. focus. It apparently will air in October 2009 on cable, somewhere.

This bit of information prompted me to visit BYU-TV on the Internet. At BYU-TV they have some genealogy programs already. If you wish to wish to see any live or archived shows you will have to download and install a video 'plug in'. It is very easy to do. I suspect that if the new show is not available to us in Ontario, it will show up on BYU-TV.

As I hear more news I will update you on our, Durham Region Branch(OGS) BLOG.

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