Monday, January 4, 2010


Premieres January 7, 2010 on History Television

In the ten episode fourth season of the Gemini-nominated documentary series ANCESTORS IN THE ATTIC, host Jeff Douglas, and a crack team of genealogical sleuths, return to History Television Thursday nights at 6pm and 9pm to help Canadians find lost relatives and discover the truth behind their unsolved family mysteries.

Over ten extraordinary stories ANCESTORS IN THE ATTIC will travel to Belarus to help a Canadian woman search for her sister lost during the Russian Revolution, to Ukraine to discover how Stalin’s Reign of Terror split one family and to China to try and uncover the secret a father would never tell his daughter. We will also journey to Switzerland, Denmark, German, France and Italy in search of a black market baby, the life and death story of a Canadian soldier and the secret that nearly destroyed a Manitoba family.

Using remarkable resources available to anyone ANCESTORS IN THE ATTIC will again provide unexpected, emotional and often life-changing answers to the genealogical questions that haunt many Canadians.

Currently, ANCESTORS IN THE ATTIC has not been commissioned for a fifth season. If you enjoy this series and would like to see more, this is the season to watch and to tell your friends and family about.

Thank you to K. Baker Halton-Peel Branch OGS Newsletter Editor for this great news.

If you would like to see episodes from Seasons 1,2 or 3 go to and then click on Ancestors in the Attic on the lower left side.

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