Thursday, June 4, 2015

Supercharging Your Genealogy with DNA & DNA Kit - Missing Paperwork

NOTE: When Dr. Maurice Gleeson & I were packing up the DNA kits last night, we found a sheet from a DNA "takeaway" kit that someone is going to be missing!!

Since it was not filled out, the only identifier we have is the kit #  412883

IF you are missing the paperwork from your "Takeaway" kit, please contact me at


We had an absolutely GREAT TURNOUT for our meeting!! Thanks to everyone who came.

Our speaker was Dr. Maurice Gleeson and he made understanding and using DNA so very easy for us. He has obviously kissed the Blarney stone as well and charmed us all! We learned the pros and cons of the various DNA tests and testing companies. Using many examples, he led us through many scenarios for using DNA for adoption and brick wall cases. 

Afterwards, we had a mass "swabbing" session for those attendees who purchased one of the discounted DNA kits Dr. Gleeson brought with him.

Dr. Gleeson will be posting our meeting session on his YouTube channel when he gets back home. So be patient!

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