Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ontario Land Registry (OnLand) - New Website! (First Phase)

From the OGS e-Weekly of Jan. 13, 2018 comes some exciting news:

"Ontario Land Registry Access (OnLand) is Here!
The Ontario Genealogical Society
Our Facebook Groups lit up this week with the announcement that access to the Ontario Land Registry information was now available online!  The announcement, sent out from the new service, reads:  Teranet, in partnership with ServiceOntario, has built this web portal to deliver key statutory services relating to land and property ownership in Ontario to land registry professionals and the public.

The first phase of the web portal offers customers the opportunity to test out the historical land registration book search and view option only. Customers will still be required to visit a land registry office to print any records. For more information on Historical Books, please click here.

They went on to say that the organization would provide an update when full search capabilities are available on OnLand in late 2018.  When fully implemented, OnLand will allow users to search historical and current property records, anywhere in the province, from the convenience of their home or office, instead of visiting a land registry office."

I couldn't 
resist playing with the new site for a few minutes and very quickly was able to browse to my 2x gt-grandfather's land Lot 13, Concession 9 in Clarke Township. Here's a screenshot:

I don't think that I am exaggerating when I say that this access will revolutionize the way we do research in Ontario! May this site progress to it's full capability quickly!

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