Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ancestry DNA Sale until Monday Nov. 28th

If you are interested in get an Ancestry DNA kit, here is a good sale reducing the cost to $79 each. This is for an autosomal DNA test. Ancestry DNA does not carry tests for Y-DNA or mt-DNA. Shipping is an extra $19.99.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Growing Our Family - Get 50% off!!

eAnnounce to OGS Members
REMINDER: Membership renewal season has begun, and you could take advantage of our Grow our Family promotion to save 50% off your OGS membership fee.  Details are on our website.  Don’t know any potential new members?  Send an email to and we’ll try to match you with a potential new member.

Want to be a member at the reduced rate, send your request to the above e-mail and hopefully they will match you! We had a successful pairing at our last Branch meeting - to the satisfaction of both people.
 Click Here

Also, the November editions of Newsleaf and Families are now available to read or download from the Members Only section of the OGS website.
Both publications contain stimulating and enlightening articles – enjoy!