Monday, March 29, 2021

"Portable Genealogy - You Can Take It With You..." - Our April Meeting


Portable Genealogy - You Can Take It With You...

You're invited to our Tuesday, April 6th Zoom meeting at 7:30 pm as we enjoy another great presentation by one of our favourite presenters, Bob Dawes.

"Portable Genealogy - You Can Take It With You..." is for genealogists who want to take their family history with them when they travel or visit research repositories. It looks at synchonizing your file between computers using programmes that support Android and iOS devices and third-party options to use with GEDCOM copies of your file. A two-page handout covers many utilities which can move files from desktops to handheld devices.

Bob Dawes is a retired tech industry executive and avid family historian. He enjoys combining technology and travel to research his family. Bob and his wife Barbara, also an avid genealogist, have traveled throughout North America and the UK in pursuit of their ancestors. Their most recent trip was to Scotland for 35 days where they filled in for the staff at the Buchan Family History Centre, in Peterhead, for a week. Bob is a long-time Quinte Branch council member having held many executive positions, including Chair. He has given presentations to many branches and conferences.

Everyone is welcome! Register now for Tues., April 6 at 7:30 p.m.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Handouts for Nick Post's session on "Getting the Most From" Handouts for Nick Post's Session on "Getting the Most From"

Hi, everyone,

We had a great turnout for our session on Family! Nick gave us a whirlwind tour of the website and some of it's allied partners.

There wasn't an official handout for the session, but Nick referenced a couple of the handouts in the "Family History Library Classes & Webinars" page on the FamilySearch Wiki.

Here's the direct link on the FamilySearch Wiki:

Scroll down to the Upcoming March Webinars. Nick mentioned that the first couple of handouts in the chart for March webinars were the ones you will need.

If you are a member of the Durham Region Branch, the recorded presentation is in the Members' Only site. The link is near the top of the home page at Click on the button for Presenters once you are signed in.