Sunday, January 14, 2024

Invitation: 2026 Census of Population Dissemination Consultation

2026 Census of Population Dissemination Consultation

It is imperative that the genealogists’ point of view be heard by the government and Stats Can when they are designing the next Canadian census! 

We don’t want a repeat of the debacle that happened when StatsCan refused to release the 1906 Census of the Western Provinces in 1998 and by implication all future releases as well. It took a court challenge and an intensive letter writing campaign, as well as the hard work of Senator Lorna Milne to get it released in Jan. 2003.

Instead we got an unsatisfactory compromise where people can opt-in to having their information released 92 years later. Of course, many people leave that question blank, because they really don’t know the implications. Their information will never be released, so there will be huge gaps in family information when the 2006, 2011, 2016, and 2021 censuses are released. It will be a sad day for future genealogists, demographers and historians; our grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

Use the link above to make our views known. You have until March 31st!

It took me about 7 minutes to fill this out. Unfortunately there wasn’t a comment field. 

Nancy Trimble, Durham Branch Chair

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Durham Branch’s February 6th Meeting with Dave Obee - "Between Friends / Entre Amis: Cousins Across the Border"

Please join Durham Branch on Tuesday, February 6th @ 7:30 pm as we welcome one of our favourite speakers, Dave Obee.  He will be speaking on “Between Friends / Entre Amis: Cousins Across the Border”.  This meeting will be on Zoom only [link below].

Many of us have cousins in another country, and many Canadians and Americans have family members across that long, undefended border.  This talk gives some examples of cross-border ties, along with advice on how to search in the other country.  It could be that clues in one country can help solve genealogical mysteries in the other.  And yes, DNA testing is helping us to find relatives we did not know we had.

Our presenter, Dave Obee, is a journalist and genealogical researcher who has written a dozen books and given more than 700 presentations at conferences and seminars in Canada, the United States and Australia since 1997.  He is Editor and Publisher of the Times Colonist in Victoria, British Columbia.  
In 2012, the University of Victoria presented Dave with an honourary doctorate of laws for his work as a journalist, historian and genealogist.  He has received several other national and provincial awards. Read more about Dave. 
Dave also runs CanGenealogy, a link site that is selective and sorted for ease of use, and, a website dedicated to the old German colonies in the northwest corner of Ukraine.

Everyone is welcome.  Kindly pre-register at the following link: