Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Public Roll Call for Canada's War Dead

VIGIL: 1914-1918 - 9,700 names projected each night on buildings from London England to Ottawa
Nov 03, 2008 Mitch Potter, EUROPE BUREAU

LONDON–It will be one long and final march home for 68,000 lost Canadian souls.
When the sun sets over the British capital tomorrow night, an ambitious act of remembrance begins when the first name is projected against the walls of Canada House in Trafalgar Square. One after another, the names of each Canadian to fall in World War I will follow.
As the sun moves westward to Canada, the names will go with it, projected against buildings in six cities, including Toronto City Hall. The sequence continues with 9,700 names per night spread across 13-hour, sunset-to-sunrise vigils until the last name appears at the break of dawn on Nov. 11.
Read the whole TORONTO STAR article at http://www.thestar.com/article/529253

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