Monday, December 8, 2008

Staff Genealogist Required

Ancestors in the Attic – History Television’s Gemini-nominated family history documentary series – is searching for a staff genealogist for its fourth season.
Part personal drama, part forensic investigation and part historical revelation, Ancestors in the Attic provides unexpected, emotional and often life-changing answers to the genealogical questions of ordinary Canadians.
Using the tools of genealogy and family history, the program takes ordinary Canadians on a journey of discovery to solve family mysteries and make emotional connections with relatives, family members or ancestors. In the process, we also examine Canadian history from a very personal and intimate perspective.
The role of the staff genealogist is twofold: assist our research team with the extensive genealogical and historical investigations required to solve the stories we air each season; and appear on-camera with our host, Jeff Douglas, to help our submitters solve their family mysteries.
To succeed, candidates must have experience in the field of family history, be skilled in advanced historical research methods and have experience with online and primary genealogical resources both here in Canada and also, preferably, in the United Kingdom. Candidates must have an intense curiosity, be highly organized, computer literate and capable of thinking outside the box. The successful candidate must also be passionate about family history and genealogy, a talented communicator, and excited about conveying detailed genealogical findings in a simple, accessible and credible way to a television audience.
While experience as a genealogist is an advantage, Ancestors in the Attic is also interested in hearing from anyone in related fields that meet the criteria. And, while our preference is to find one person to fill both research and on-camera roles, we are flexible.

If you are interested in becoming part of the successful Ancestors in the Attic team please send your resume by mail to:
Dugald Maudsley, Producer, Ancestors in the Attic, Primitive Entertainment
585 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON, M6G 1K5
Or via email to:

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