Sunday, May 3, 2009

Archives of Ontario - Send Feedback

Archives of Ontario - New Location, New Hours
There are concerns in the research community about the reduction in the hours of operation of the Archives of Ontario, namely:
1. Prior to the move, the AO Reading room (with microfilm collection) was open during the day and also from 5 pm to 10 pm Monday -Friday, and Saturday 10-5.
2. Now the AO is open only 9-5 Monday to Friday. Security is an issue of their concern. . Also the have moved and not everything is 'unpacked'. The NEW location will cause researchers to revise the AO visit Strategies.
A suggestion:
If you wish to state your opinion, emails are welcome. Send to Susan McIntosh at the Archives of Ontario.
The AO can better accommodate clients needs and new research patterns with this kind of feedback. Tell AO when you need/want to do your research.

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RC said...

I had not realized about the hours - unfortunately this means that to visit the Archives in the future I would have to take a day off work. I'm quite saddened by this and hope it can be remedied.