Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Hong Kong Diary Revisited - The Family Remembers

Attached is a pdf brochure ** for a recently published diary of a Lieutenant L.B. Corrigan of the Winnipeg Grenadiers who was imprisoned by the Japanese after the fall of Hong Kong. The book is an actual transcript of the officer's extensive diary that was kept continuously through the years of imprisonment and hidden by him in various places throughout the camps and retrieved at liberation. The officer's daughters have published the diary with some added family history material. This book would be of interest to those with family members that were Hong Kong veterans because it gives such a detailed account of day to day life in the camps. It also would be of interest to those interested in World War II history in general as the diary includes Lieutenant Corrigan's voyage to Hong Kong and the battle itself.

To order a copy of A Hong Kong Diary Revisited or for more information, contact Sheilagh Purcell, 905-373-0490,

** Please note is a webspace of mine. GL

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