Monday, August 3, 2009

MyBlood Genealogy Data Base Program (PC and Mac versions) by Vertical Horizon

OGS Durham Region Branch Members,
I am working on a revision of my earlier review of the MyBlood genealogy program. New features have been added which I will address. The review will appear in the 2009 Fall Edition of our branch newsletter, Kindred Spirits. It is too lengthy for this Blog. I think you will like what this software can do and how it does it. I have added of few notes below to whet your appetite.


My first review appears soon at in the August newsletter DoubleClick.

From their Web Site:

MyBlood is a genealogy application that targets every level of genealogists. It delivers simple views but deep insights on complex genealogy data, by combining relational database technology under the hood with superior visualization on the outside.
MyBlood supports is multilingual and comes with a separate program to easily add your own translations of other languages if required. MyBlood runs in the exact same way on the PC (XP or Vista) as it does on a Mac (OS X). With full support for the international GEDCOM format, it produces highly portable data sets avoiding any vendor lock in. With out of the box integration with Google Maps for ‘places’ and ‘locations’ it allows you to visualize moves, travels, emigrations or other kind of events in your family history in an unprecedented way.
MyBlood will also bring a more natural way of working with any kind of media file like tagging people on pictures like many social network sites tend to do today.

About Vertical Horizon
Vertical Horizon is an independent, Belgium based, start-up company that brings together the power of personal computing with in depth knowledge of genealogy. This resulted in the development of MyBlood, a state of the art genealogy application. Vertical Horizon was started by seasoned and experienced IT professionals with a passion for genealogy. The Antwerp based company is owned and financed by its management team.


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