Sunday, December 6, 2009

What's Next on Google's Buy List?

by Rick Aristotle Munarriz of the Money Times - November 13, 2009.
Rick's suggested 'buys' by Google are speculation but very interesting including the one below.


"There are few things that Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) loves more than ads and mobs, so it wasn't surprising to see the world's leading search engine snap up mobile marketing network AdMob this week in a $750 million all-stock deal.
I closed my coverage of the deal with two meaty questions:
* Is Google conserving its greenbacks for an even bigger purchase?
* Does Google feel that its stock is expensive at this point, making it ideal legal tender?"

Rick further 'speculates'. (Nasdaq: ACOM)
The leading genealogy site went public this month, so Google has a shot to grab it while it's still in the crib. is profitable and growing quickly. Website users have
created more than 12 million family trees, lush with profiles of 1.25
billion descendants. This isn't a perfect model; the premium
subscription approach brings in money, but it also attracts problematic
churn rates. It's also just a matter of time before free, ad-supported
models make a bigger splash.

However, Google's prime business is attracting folks looking for something. Isn't this what is all about?

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