Monday, January 11, 2010

Archives of Ontario - What's There for You

DRB - OGS January 5th Branch Meeting in Oshawa

Stewart Boden, Outreach Officer drove for nearly three hours through the snow and heavy traffic on Tuesday evening and then delivered an
excellent, informative, and entertaining presentation to our audience. Archives of Ontario's Outreach initiative definitely 'grabbed' Durham genealogists. There was renewed excitement about the resources, services and opportunities available to genealogists wanting to use the Archives of Ontario for research. Eyes widened as new features such as digital enhancement of microfilms, the client lounge, the exhibition space, the spacious reading room, and the new classroom were shown. The Archives of Ontario's new web site's features are impressive. Because of his presentation many are already planning their visit to the new Archives of Ontario.
Well done Stewart. GJL

Valuable Links from presentation:

The newly designed Archives of Ontario website -

A few of the website features:
  • “What’s New” section
  • Left hand side of each page are links to all the major areas of the website
  • “Discover Your Family History” pages updated
  • research guides and handouts to help you through the research process
  • website includes a detailed list of records available through Interloan.
Contact Archives about anything . . . questions , of any department, . . . @ . . .

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