Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ivy Sucee - Life and Times of Dr. Barnardo

More chairs, please!!
Peterborough's Ivy Sucee, the only Honorary Barnardo Girl in Canada, presented to a full house at our October 5 General Meeting. Her topic, "The Life and Times of Dr. Barnardo" touched the hearts of many in the audience, regardless of their family connections to Home Children. Dickensonian conditions still prevailed in England at the time Dr. Barnardo studied medicine there. His motto - No Destitute Child Refused - improved the quality of life for many of the 30 000 Barnardo children brought to Canada. However, for a number of girls and boys, and unbeknownst to Barnardo, treatment in some of the placement homes could be cruel. Barnardo's organization is the forerunner of, and model for, today's Chidrens' Aid Society.
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