Sunday, September 29, 2013


Google ITGenealogy has one main activity, searching!   So many say, Google It!  This is easy if your quest has only ONE answer.  Without basic search strategies you will be deluged with many possible answers and none may the correct, best, or desired answer.  I am a fan of most things Google.  The steps in using the different tools offered by Google are neither complex nor many. So if you are new to Google searching I suggest that you make use of Google’s help pages.  Three links to get you started are below. Take time to read and practice these strategies which will lead to more successful searches.   Later the concepts are transferable to advanced searching in genealogy specific websites such as or Family Search or Mocavo or Scotland’s People, and so on.

    Good luck and have fun,

Basic Search Help 
Search Operators
Google Advanced Search
Look for my next post which will provide more Google search hints.

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