Wednesday, June 10, 2020

DNA Talk was Very Successful!

Nancy's talk on DNA: Tools for the Next Steps was very well received. All our Zoom seats were filled and many people were too late to get in to the Zoom meeting. Demand far exceeded our expectations!

The handout and the link to the recording are now available on the Durham Region Branch's website . Just go to the June meeting write-up and the links are at the bottom of the description.

No-one has asked me about the illustration that I used for the DNA talk! 3 years ago at the Rootstech conference, I took a workshop about DNA tools. We actually extracted DNA from strawberries and hanging from the toothpick are my results! Did you know that strawberries have 8 strands of DNA! Humans only have 2 strands. It's humbling to know that we are less complicated than strawberries.

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