Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Colleen Fitzpatrick is on the Case

Anyone who has attended an OGS Annual May/June Conference in recent years had an opportunity to hear a most interesting presenter - Colleen Fitzpatrick - forensic genealogist extraordinaire. Her credentials are comprehensive, her books are insightful and her successes are numerous. The Orange County Register just published a four part series about her combined use of expert genealogy skills , superb problem solving skills and extensive scientific knowledge. Whether or not you are familiar with her work, these articles are very interesting. Below are four links to the OC Register articles -cases she has solved and a case she is working on now.

The Four Articles:
The Man with No Memory
Hand in the Snow
Titanic’s Unknown Child
Will the Man with No Memory be the first case Fitzpatrick can’t solve?

Learn more about Colleen
Colleen's Web Site

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