Friday, October 9, 2009

Lady Teviot a Success at Durham Branch Meeting

The Tuesday October 6th meeting of Durham Region Branch Ontario Genealogical Society was very successful. There was a large audience and Lady Teviot was deservedly well received. She delivered a very interesting talk about 'The Parish Chest' which would have been in each of the churches throughout England as far back as 1538 (Henry VII). They contained BMD and financial data and a vivid picture the the life and times in the community. The auditorium was buzzing all evening. Credit goes to all the volunteers who assisted.

The following informational materials were left by Lady Teviot. They will be at our branch office.
1. "Research Your Family History with Us", Sussex Family History Group brochure.
More information at
2. "Sussex Family History Group HANDBOOK", July 2009,
3. "Our Really Useful Information Leaflet", Federation of Family History Societies (, 2009.
View at
After First Steps, the tabs at top lead you to Websites, Record Offices, Societies, Adoption.
Lady Teviot is also speaking in Ottawa at the BIFHSGO Meeting, Saturday 17 October 2009 at 10:00 a.m., a Ltibrary & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.(

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