Sunday, February 21, 2021

Can't Wait for the "RootsTech Connect" Conference!


It's going to be the biggest RootsTech yet, and it's virtual and free! Watch this YouTube video to get a sneak peek at the all new website that will be opened up to us this coming Wednesday. They are going to show you all the links, expo hall, speakers (both recorded & keynote), other languages and the Relatives at RootsTech feature (you must be in the global family tree at They will also explain how logging into your FamilySearch account (register here for a free account) will increase your conference experience quite a bit.

The Expo Hall preview starts on Wed. Feb. 24th at 7 pm EST and the first Keynote speaker will be at 11 pm EST. This conference has over 314,000 registrants from 224 countries world-wide, so the conference will go 24 hrs a day for a full 3 days!!

Action Items:

1. Register for the conference at

2. Create your FamilySearch free account

3. Make sure that you are linked to the global Family Tree.

4. Sign in to your account and go to the Find New Relatives page and join in. You'll be able to chat with relatives once the conference starts.

It’s going to be like no event ever before, and I can’t wait!

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