Saturday, February 6, 2021

Ontario Ancestors Branches Open Access to Databases for Family Day

Never Done Before: A Special Opportunity from Several Ontario Ancestors Branches

As Family Day in Ontario draws closer, some of the Branches of the Society have developed an opportunity to further promote membership within the Society. The idea is to share the resources of their Branches through the Members’ Only Sections of their WordPress Websites. These Branches have invested a great deal of time in their Members Only and are prepared to be involved in this process.  We are hoping that by giving people a “sneak peek” into the amazing resources at six of our branches, that we can show non members the value of membership; and members can see the opportunities to join more branches.

To be honest, this has never been done before as Branches take the lead in promoting and encourage those seeking their past to join the Society and it Branches/SIGs to further gain access to documents and educational resources. This Boots on the Ground approach is how we as a Society as a whole bear responsibility for membership and promotion of the great work we do.


The Branches that are involved: Kent, Essex, Toronto, Niagara Peninsula, Huron and Lambton.


To be honest, we don’t know if this is even going to work, but we would rather fail than not do anything at all. So we mark this as a test and we will report back to you all on its success.


These are the parameters:


All Society Members receive free access with their membership.


All Non Society Members will have to purchase a Weekend Pass to view the Members Only Sections.


If they choose to join, Non Members will receive a $10 Credit towards their new Society membership and any Branches that they join as well.


This program will run from Friday February 12th at 5 pm to Monday February 15th at 5 pm.


Google Analytics will be used to monitor the success of this program.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We would encourage you to promote this as well.




Steve Fulton UE


Past President/I.T. Administrator

Ontario Ancestors

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